Day 112.

Romans 8:39  “Nor height, Nor depth, Nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Have you ever read this verse? And if you have, did you feel utter joy?! Like NOTHING can separate us. Thats amazing! Think of all the friends that you have had in like middle school who move to another school before highschool. They can be just miles away and lose contact. There is nothing but different people in the way, yet the relationship is totally changed. But thats not how it works with God. Isn’t that incredible!?

One of the worst kind of separations, that I personally believe God never intended (well, I don’t think he wanted any kind of separation, but the worst) is Divorce. This horrible word destroys families, hearts, people, lives and everything. Personally, I have never gone through it. But one of my Best Friends did and it affects her to this day. She is one of the most confident people that I know, but she still struggles with the fact that the man who is supposed to love her more then anyone else.. left. Its heart breaking to even type that.

Its a confusing thing when people become separated. Even in dating relationships. I find that more often then not, the relationship had no real reason to be finished with. Sometimes people separate from other people. I know that when I am feeling insecure (another emotion that God never wanted to be around), I don’t want to be with people. We intentionally separate ourselves with no remorse. We feel bad later when we see them, but feel like there is nothing stopping everything that gets in the way. That is not the way with God. He says that NOTHING will separate you from him. Nothing! I cant stop thinking about how great that is. Even the sin that we continually do. Even when we walk out of his sight. Nothing will separate us from the ❤ love of God.

Dear Lord, your word says that nothing will separate me from your love. God make this more true then anything else. Let me see your love all around me and show it to others. God I love you, amen.


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