January 28th

I have been seeking, wholeheartedly, for God. I wanted Him to be with me. I know that everyone feels God isn’t with them sometimes, but it was horrible this week. Last night I spent the night at one of my closest friends house and talked it out with her. Then this morning I went to chapel. I needed to hear God’s word, and I wasn’t getting it on my own. The most amazing thing happened, I heard Him. He spoke to me through the entire service. I don’t know if anyone else knew, but I did. Someone got a word that said ‘The desert is only temporary.’ Then Pastor Chris came out talking about how God is ALWAYS there, especially when we can’t feel him, because God is not a god of feelings. There was an altar call and I went up. People prayed for me, but one person stayed and prayed for me for the entire time. When told to go back to our seats, I turned around and saw a girl that I knew. A girl that I had mentored last year. One of my First Team girls. I had never felt more humbled.

The day just felt lifted. I knew He was there and I knew it. Friends put aside time to be with me, I aced a test AND I figured out how to write a film. Day immediately better. IN. YOUR. FACE. SATAN.

God, Thank you.


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