Thinking out loud.

February 23rd.

I love my mother. I have the most wonderful mother in the entire world. This week we have been walking. I really wanted to be more healthy and she is going along with me. I mean, anyone can be more health concerned. I really appreciate that she is going through it with me. It reminds me of Bride Wars (the movie) where Anne Hathaway’s character says ‘working out with iPods is for people who don’t have any friends’. It got me thinking about friends in the grown up world. Mom has Dad, and I really am happy that they have each other and are in love, but I think a girl (and guys) need to have good friends that are of the same sex. My mom has two friends, but they never get to see each other because there is always something else to do. [like cleaning..woohoo..] So I  have decided that with my day off tomorrow, I am going to clean up the whole house (please someone help me) and bake a phenomenal dinner, and invite her friends over, perhaps kick Daddy out to go out with the boys.

yes. Plan. made.

God, help me.


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