A Beautiful Ending.

Today was my last day as a Jr. at Southeastern University. There is just one more year until I am shoved out into the ‘real world’ and I honestly cannot wait. God has blessed me so much in my career and I can’t wait!

I haven’t really blogged, and when I do, it’s when I am ‘depressed’. Gosh. How silly, to sit there and feel bad for myself. But I’m not depressed, not in the least. I am almost giddy writing this. Don’t get me wrong, oh 2 people who actually read my ramblings.. this semester was oh so dramatic. Things happened that I never saw coming. Great things, like getting nominated for Best Actress, and getting an amazing internship with a local theatre school.

But what I am really excited about is getting to work in the news. I can just feel God’s calling on my life to do this. I wish I knew how to put in words how truly excited I am. I am sure that this is where God wants me. I have no place that I want to go, but am willing to be moved anywhere the wind blows. Apparently that is weird, from what I hear. Most of my peers graduating have a place selected that they want to go and live, but that was never me. Different, maybe, but I cannot wait!

God is so amazing!!!


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