What He did right.

Everyone has had a misunderstanding or disagreement in their life. It is inevitable. People have different ideals and thought processes, if you are not getting in a ‘tussle’ every once in a while then you are a pushover. I try not to be a pushover. Sadly I tend to be on the opposite side of that spectrum. Stubborn and obstinate, I nearly always speak my mind. I get in some trouble that way, but I would rather say to much truth then let lies ..lie.. (PUN!)

Something that I have never encountered is a heartfelt apologize. I cannot think if I have ever given one either, so I don’t carry to much strain on that. I was watching Pride and Prejudice (shocked?) and Mr. Darcy writes Elizabeth a letter explaining everything that ‘went down’. Yes, I am this eloquent most of the time.

The most beautiful thing is that he doesn’t really wait for her response. He just wants to let her know his side and tell her what he is feeling. I love that! We just need to hear how people are feeling. Sometimes a letter is the best way to express yourself. I LOVE letters, I think people should send them more often.

Tara Challenge: There is one person (you know there is) that you need to tell your feelings too. Write them a letter. Do it, then pray about it. Let it out.


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