Lovely Saturdays.

I love Saturdays. You can sleep in all day and really, no one can judge you. Almost anything can happen on a saturday and it is acceptable. I love it! My day started off earlier then I had imagined, but had promise! I had a very healthy breakfast of princess chocolate chip Belgium waffles with whipped cream!! Easily my favorite. Then goofing around with the new soundtrack that I got when I went to see Shrek the Musical last night. Its brilliant!

So after re-choreographing the entire show, I made a cute story about a turtle for Michael. Daddy thinks its dorky, but really.. its AMAZING! I mean, I should get a patent. Any who.. The best part of Saturdays is what happens at NIGHT! Dun Dun Dunnnnnn. So I had these great plans. There was a concert by the Florida Orchestra, who are great. The whole thing was a free concert and its beautiful. I think the best part is that it is out doors! It was lovely and I was day dreaming while listening. Because I can, I was reading Pride and Prejudice hoping that some Mr. Darcy would just saunter by, complement my hat and ask to dance. Of course that would never happen, because guys today seems to be wussies. (Side note: Men need to man up, please and thankyou). Then in the middle of a song something happened; Grandma got cold and wanted to go home early. In Florida! Cold?! So we left early, and Mr. Darcy never showed up. However, it is still saturday and I am convinced that I should be happy.


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