Confessions of a first time Bridesmaid.

T minus 6 weeks till the wedding and we are still looking for bridesmaid dresses. I love my Bride, the always beautiful Beth, but isn’t this cutting it a little close? And of course, I just happen to be the only bridesmaid in the entire state, so I get to do everything. Hello Maid of Honor (status). The best part is that this is Beth and I’s first real wedding. So everything we know we leaned from Father of the Bride and Bride Wars. Lucky we both have mothers who have gone through the wedding process. There is so much stuff that I have no idea about. Its times like these that I thank God for the internet.

The part that I am having the hardest time with is planning the Bridal Shower. (Dum Dum da dum) I have never been invited to one and so planning one is just that much more difficult. Apparently they are a lot like baby showers. So Corny games right? RIGHT! There is a wonderful website that I have found that is perfect for people like me. The over planer who has no idea what she is doing. The Knot is a bridal information center. I thought I would learn everything I needed to know from shows like Say Yes to the Dress, but the Knot is where it is at.

So, for those bridesmaids to be who are reading this, here are some hopefully helpful Tara Tips:

  • google everything! (This might sound silly, but even the things you think you know, you might not..)
  • Don’t expect a gift. (Being asked to be a part of the Brides day is more of an honor then you can Imagine. She need you there to be supportive, not to get something out of it)
  • You and Your bride may have different ideas. Take her side. (This tip is revocable if she wants you to wear balloons on your feet. It is HER day, not yours. Wear the dress with a smile)
  • When asked your opinion on something, become inexcusably tactful. (No one wants to hear ‘you must be blind to put those two colors together’)
  • Ask her how she is doing (If you are stressed, imagine how she must feel.)
  • Play nice with the other Bridesmaids. (You might not always like them, but they are important to the bride)
  • A smile goes a long way. (So try it)

Hopefully I will have more tips while the time goes on. Maybe I’ll write everyday for the new joys being found of being a bridesmaid. Till next time



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