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The best thing, I think, about blogs is that you are not the only one in the world who has one. In fact, I would be willing to bet that 60% of America has some type of blog, be it WordPress, Twitter (which can act as a blog), Tumblr, Stumbleupon, and the such.  Lately I have been trying to find more blogs to read, that are not overly personal (‘Hi! This is my little girl, isn’t she just the cutest thing ever!’) but professional. I am an aspiring news reporter, so I have been reading CNN almost every day. I found on their website that they have a blog, and what good news team wouldn’t? So I have been reading through them, though not all of them. CNN is the number one news station in the world, so they have a god awful amount of blogs. Which is good for them! But there is no way that I have enough time to read through all of them. Any way, I was reading some and I was contemplating the difference in the over all feel. Their blog is much more laid back and easy going, while still giving the appropriate amount of information to be considered a news blog.

The best thing about it is, I believe how much you can do to a blog. You can put in links to sites that you are talking about so that people can see what is going on. And I think that every blogger should read other blogs, to see different writing styles and to get feed back. I would recommend the CNN blogs, but that is just for me. While looking up what blogs to read, I found a list of the 50 most popular blogs in the US. Granted, we are a nation that lives for the gossip of our movie stars, and so those blogs are at the top, but there are other blogs just as popular with real information (rather then who Jennifer Aniston is now dating). I would challenge you to check out some of the more mainstream blogs and lose your hipster ways to join the real world.


One thought on “Reading Other blogs

  1. I think this is a great reflection and viewpoint on other blogs, especially a professional news one. I liked the point you made about doing whatever you want to a blog, because that’s something I think that attracts a lot of new bloggers to blogging. It’s a great way to customize your own and even see what somebody likes just by what their blog looks like and contains. That is one of my favorite parts of blogging, whether for school work or personal.

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