Cleaning your Copy

This week I took a newsu course called ‘cleaning your copy’. It goes through spelling and grammar, and things that you should know if you want to become a great reporter, or even just a great blogger! Here are my top tips from the course:

  • ALWAYS double check your spelling, sometimes spell check doesn’t catch everything. You also might be using the wrong word, but spelt it correctly (ex. too, to, two)
  • Learn correct grammar. Just knowing the difference between who and whom will get you far. Also, there are a lot of grammar nazi’s on the internet who judge people with poor grammar skills. You have been warned.
  • Punctuation can change a sentence. It changes: ‘Lets eat Grandpa’ to ‘Lets eat, Grandpa’. This is much safer for you and for Grandpa. Punctuation matters.
  • Your writing style can define you. Don’t be the person who types lyke dis all de tyme. Its annoying and makes those who know how to read want to hit you.

What I found most interesting about this particular course was how much I learned. I had always thought that I was good at writing and knew grammar fairly well, but when they tested me I was honestly shocked to find out how much I did not know. I am sure that people every day have problems with spelling sometimes, but there was a list (four pages long) of commonly misspelt words. I misspell most of them on a daily basis. I truly enjoyed it and would love to send it to some people who think that they know everything.


2 thoughts on “Cleaning your Copy

  1. Love your blog!! Especially love the grammar and spelling tips, but a quick question about misspelled words . . . is “misspelt” one of them?

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