Letters to the Past.

Dear Freshmen version of Tara,

Hello you poor thing. This is your first year at University and it is a little scary. I know that. There are some things that you should know about what is going to happen. I know that you love your roommate and she is a great girl, but don’t be afraid to confront her about what irritates you. She only lasts a year, so you’re okay. When she leaves her disgusting clothes that smell like cigarettes, don’t wash them for her. Throw them in her bed and tell her to deal with it! Okay, maybe not, but tell her that’s not something that you will put up with. And try not to play the ‘am I pregnant this month’ game. Actually, do. I think that is a good story that might help someone some time down the road. Watch out for chartwells. You don’t get the freshmen 15 because Dixon kicks your but in dance, but eat healthy any way. Become better friends with Jordan and Jackyln. Just because they are the best dancers and actors, doesn’t mean that they hate you. In fact, they kinda love you. Feel free to be yourself, because the shy Tara that comes out when you are nervous wont get you friends.

Don’t fret about getting a boyfriend. The boys here are totally overrated and kinda creepy. I would say don’t go on that date with Brian, but you should know about people who want you to move to Wisconsin. They should be avoided. Also, don’t bother looking for guys who like football. They don’t come to SEU.  The biggest thing I want to tell you is to read the bible every day. Every single day. Don’t miss one day, it matters. Chapel is not enough to keep that relationship strong. In fact, Chapel should not be counted on at all. It is good for worship, but that is not the grounds for a relationship.

Make friends! The ones you make freshmen year will end up becoming close acquaintances. Bethany Miller, that’s who you want to stick with. She is literally a friend from God. Understand this soon and your life will be so much easier. Don’t play with the random animals that are on campus. They are to adapt to humans and its creepy. Just avoid them. Take more walks. The walk around school is so beautiful, especially at night. Find someone who loves walks and Jane Austen as much as you do. It will make everything so much easier. Understand how great you are. You don’t have to change who you are, because you are amazing. Take time in the Lord, never give up hope. You’re going to do great things, I already know. Forgive and forget but don’t forget why your here. Take each day to pray. Thank God for each thing.

Have a smile on your face for your friends. Encourage everyone you know. Tell them how you feel. See you in the mirror in 4 years.


2 thoughts on “Letters to the Past.

  1. Tara, This blog post is not only hilarious, but its honest, real, and full of your own voice. I really appreciate that. I really agree with your tip on reading the Bible every day. Many students, including myself at times, become “too busy” for devotional time, and make excuses like “well…at least I went to chapel today.” However, I also know people who don’t even go to chapel and would rather pay a $25 fine. I don’t understand why these students would rather pay money, then have to wake up maybe an hour earlier than normal and learn from some of the strongest men and women of God I know. Part of growing in our faith is gaining wisdom from others. Great post!

  2. I loved your creative way of writing a letter to the freshman Tara! Very cute! I loved your sarcasm and the pure truth in what you said! I also loved that you said to love who you are… be confidant in who YOU are. I think that is the most important thing. Too many freshman get concerned about what other people will think of them, I know I did. So it is important to know who you are, be confident in it, and live in it!

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