There is nothing quite the same as contact sports to bring a school together. Although this particular University is not known for their sports, they are preformed with the most amazing agility. These men of God do not give off the arrogant macho man bravado. Instead they use their God given talents to show school pride under the light of a setting sun. Bright orange and red streak across the sky next to the black exuding school spirit. Painted SEU students scream and cheer for our team as they take the ball down the field. Everyone seems to have school spirit tonight. Even those who are at the game for the free ice cream groan as the goalie for the opposite team makes an almost impossible save, keeping our chance of getting points at bay. The crowd settles waiting for foul balls to come back into play. The greatest moment of pleasure seeming to come from when one one player gets to kick the foul. Creating songs to keep up the mood, screaming ‘who are ya!?’ at the other team trying to intimidate them with our cheering.

Because we are a theme friendly school, our Mens First Soccer Game of the year was also a Sock Hop; complete with a car show and dancing. Bun since Southeastern doesn’t actually allow dancing, they were sort of twisting in the middle of the soccer field.

In the second half of the game our boys make the first goal of the night! The crowd of students almost cry with glee as we watch the other team hang their heads. Though we are still behind, the students of Southeastern assure our players that the game is still theirs! The ball goes all over the field and with a minute left in the game there are still no more goals. With everyone on the edge of their seat the clock goes off telling the world that Southeastern has just lost their first soccer game. The students, whom should be walking sad, are elated. They talk of the hope for the next game to see an epic win. Even faced with defeat, these students will not lose their hope for the future.


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