The Artists around us

There are a number of different thinkers out in the world. I love that in my field I can see the creative side along with the linear side. As much as I would love to think that I am a very creative person, I have to understand that I am a linear thinker. For me, lists can make or break a day. I continually make lists in my head on things that I have to do that day and I get the greatest joy from checking something off. So tonight that was proved to me. A couple of friends and I loaded in my car and went on to the off campus chapel ‘Renew’ and we were asked to make to time lines. One was a timeline of our life and the other was the creation story. Mine was straight to the point and simple. Then I looked over to my friend Rossanna and hers was beautiful. Words could not be found, instead were pictures of creation. I was inspired.

She is such a creative soul and I cannot wait to see how God will use the creativity that He gave her. She has so much talent and never was something that was so unknown become apparent on paper. I just love the stark difference. It’s beautiful how we can be such good friends and yet God created us so differently. God, you are amazing.


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