The Blogging World

There are so many Do’s and Don’ts of writing. It is almost impossible to remember them all. So how do all of the great writers do it? Is it possible to write well on a blog and have people still enjoy it? Probably not. But we can try our darndest. The fact of the matter is that blogs and internet sources have so much more to go on and exciting things to use. If I could figure out how to make a pop-up come up that says ‘You’re the best in the world, so get use to it’ every time someone came on my blog, I would be a happy camper. However, I have not the time or the knowledge to make that awesome moment happen.

Instead I try to use the internet to my best abilities in other ways. There are some great things to do, and there are some HORRIBLE things. For example:


DO NOT write in a boring fashion. The blog is your personal space, so make it personal. People genuinely love to hear the truth of a situation, so instead of giving facts, put your personality in it.

DO use pictures! This is not a book, it is not printed. Use as many visual things that you can. Try Compfight, they have some some brilliant pictures that are open for public use.

DO NOT write in long paragraphs. Separate your words so that it is easier to read. If you see a block of writing, your eyes just scan through it without really getting any information.

DO provide links to other sites. The best thing about the internet is that it is all connected to each other. You can literally send someone to England and a Dictionary in the same post.

DO NOT use something that is not your own and take credit for it. It is probably the most irritating thing in the world to have your work used by someone and they get the praise for it. Just don’t do it.

DO work with other people. In this day and age, tons of people and businesses have blogs. You can team up and quote each other. Sometimes the least expected people have the best things to say.

DO NOT use the internet to bash someone. Although your blog is not published in a book that is printed for the world to see, this is still available for people. WWW means world-wide web. Meaning the world can see it. It makes it just that much more of  a responsibility.

DO Use others. This does not have to be just your thoughts. Feel free to have others go over what you wrote to see what they think.

DO NOT fight with people. Its dramatic and its too much space to take up. Just let it go.

DO write often. Because a blog is not a book, it won’t take 2 years to get published. It will take the 2 seconds for you to click “publish”. So jot down your thoughts when you have them.


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