Can I add a little somethin’ somethin’?

Once upon a time there was a man who would state his opinion and people would take it as fact. There would be no questioning of his theology or where he got his information. What he said was true and could be questioned. Then along came this younger man who had great ideals and a curious heart. After the first man would give out his information, the younger man would ask a question and cause those around him to think constructively and figure out together what the truth was. At first there was conflict. ‘Who does this guy think he is questioning this Man?’ started being asked by the people who sat and listened to their dialogue. Only after these questions were asked did the people see that they were changing themselves. No longer were they an audience of life, but participants of debates. The older man was quite stunned what a simple question could do to the vast majority. Never in his life have people questioned his word, and now he would have to defend his statements. He was being stretched in ways that never wouldhave occurred if this young man hadn’t showed up. Soon the older man would have talks and the youngimageman wouldn’t say anything, but the others would ask questions. They took up the idea and ran with it. After more talks ensued and were being debated, the young man decided to leave. There were other towns that needed someone to ask questions. He went to find them and say what others couldn’t.

Our opinion is so important and really can change the way things are run. I believe that everything that is count as fact should be investigated until proven correct. I know that there is a faith-based belief that may go against my rational, but Jesus said to test and make sure you believe what you actually believe. I think that commentsare almost as important as the subject being talked of. Your comments can bring about a new perspective or correct what might have been construed as something rude. Use comments to further knowledge and bring about understanding. If you use them more for correctness than understanding, you are missing the point.


2 thoughts on “Can I add a little somethin’ somethin’?

  1. Tara,
    This was a really well written post! I love the way you spun this. You had me hooked in because i had no idea what you were talking about but it seemed interesting. I saw that this was listed under the topic of the week category but as I started reading your post, i thought to myself, “what week was this?” When i got to your last few sentences i finally saw what you were tying it all into. Great post Tara!

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