Today, most people can speak what they need to get across in 180 characters or less. And with articles on the web bombarding us with things that we should read, how can you make YOUR article stand out? Here are some sure-fire ways to make your headline stand out against other social media headlines.

  1. They must capture the reader. The headline is the hook, it needs to be something that will reel the reader into the actual story. image
  2. The headline must be sharable through social media site.
  3. It must be able to stand alone. It must cause someone to tell others about it.
  4. Make the message up to 80 characters. This way it will be easier to read on smart phones and re-tweeters may add hash-tags.
  5. Add multimedia.
  6. If you choose to not follow #5, you had better insure that your writing is the best kind that people would be willing to send to their friends. If it has bad writing but good pictures, it has a better chance of getting passed around (which is the goal).
  7. Get NEW into the headline. If this is something never seen before, everyone will want to know about it. It is an easy way of creating hype.
  8. You just have to be a good writer. There are more writers today then there have been before and you are competing with each one. Make sure that your writing and headlines are clearly above the others.
  9. Understand that your headlines are doing more work then you think. Put time into what you write instead of just throwing things to the web.
  10. Most important (I should have written it first) SPELL CHECK! This will save you embarrassment. Also, re-read it so that it conveys the message that you wish to be conveyed. Simple changing of placement of words can change what an entire story is about. Don’t be the headlines that people cut out and keep because of the double entendre that it created.

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