Up-To-Date Facts

In this world people love everything fast. Especially in America. We are the only country with a mountain called RushMORE. It can be a little intimidating for someone who is going into journalism, when fact checking is just as important as timeliness. However, timeliness seems to be the most important to all people and so they update things. We have Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Blogs, anything to let people know what it going on in their lives. There is a program called Storify that will allow you to create a story using only social media. It is easy to understand and even easier to use.

If you go to an event and  there seems to be a lot of people there, most of them will have social media on their phone and use it to talk about said event. If you can use what other people think, then the story becomes more realistic. People are more inclined to hear something if there is a chance that they are apart of it. [It comes from a deep seeded truth in everyone to be accepted by others.] The best thing about Storify is that there is the capability of using what other people say and making THAT the story.

I tried to use it a couple of times and had the hardest time making it work. The only fall back of Storify is that people need to be using social media for it to work. I went to a couple ‘gatherings’ but could not make it work because of the lack of social media use. However when I went to Tampa for the Redbull Flugtag day, people were using social media the whole time. I was able to create a really interesting story of what people thought and who they thought should win. You can find my story here.

I encourage everyone to try it out at least once.


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