TED Talks

If you go on google and search just a word, they will have sites pop up that do 2 things: Correlate with what you are looking for, and hopefully something you will enjoy looking at. You see, Google and other internet search engines have tried to figure out who you are by looking at your search history. For example, if I look up Egypt on google I would get this.

Because I am interested in the news, it will give me news type sites to look at and show me what is going on there. I asked my sister to do the same thing to see if there would be a difference and her site was how to read hieroglyphics and how to dance the egyptian dances. She is more interested in those type of things and so google will find that out and use the information accordingly. The same type thing happens for social media, or sites that might get a lot of traffic.

I asked my friend Curtis to check out Egypt also, and he got the same page. It makes me question what TED actually said. Curtis and I are completely different people. He is on the far left of the video gamer and all of that. I am nothing like him. I am a girl and I love sappy chick flicks and things that have a purpose. It’s interesting that we had the same screen.


Facebook is a site that there are differences though. On the side bar of Facebook, you can see different ads for things that might interest you. For example, on the side of my Facebook is usually ads for ‘Christian Singles’, yet another unwelcome reminder that I am alone… Thanks. I also have links to sports pages with the Bucs logo on it, because I am a die-hard Bucs fan and local coupons for coffee places. Because the internet is set up like this, one can never go anywhere without having something specifically set you for them.


One thought on “TED Talks

  1. Tara. After watching this particular TED Talk, I also Googled “Egypt.” For me, the search engine displayed a few news sites, but most of the pages focused on Egyptian culture and history. This random mix of information is probably because I’m a journalism student and because I love learning about different cultures. I never really thought about the different ways Facebook advertizes so I also looked at what the social media site is feeding me. For some reason they want me to pursue a degree as an Ultrasound Technician. Weird. And how do they know I occasionally fly through Southwest Airlines??

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