Live Blogging

There is this word that is use in today’s society by people who have surgically added a piece of technology to their person. This word is social media, and its all around it. It is almost as hard to escape as the sun on a cloudless day. So why try, right? If you’re not totally against it, then you might have even tried to live blog, hoping a couple of your friends would blog too so that you can have something more substantial to write. The thing about this society in our digital world, most of the things that you would think “Hey, that would make everything SO much easier” it’s probably been done. With that said, I would like to present to you: Storify. For those who read my blog (applause!) you may have heard about it here. I completed a live blog on The Red Bull Flugtag. It was exciting, and there was so many people using social media, so it was easy to compile something that was worth reading.

<a href=”[View the story “Red Bull Flugtag” on Storify]”>READ IT!!  I would encourage you to go to an event and try it out. It will make you seem super knowledgeable to your friends, and who doesn’t like that?


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