His Fault?

Samson and Delliah. This story has been brought up almost 80 times in 4 days, so I feel compelled to tell it.

Samson had a mother and father (as so many do) who were unable to conceive a child. So an angel went down telling them they would have a baby, but it would be under the Nazarite Vow. This meant that Samson could not touch an unclean animal, could not touch a dead body and could not cut his hair. [Fun Fact: John the Baptist was also under this vow] So one day, Samson goes to Timnah and finds ‘the one‘. I think the best part about him thinking this woman is “the one” is the fact that we don’t even know her name. Clearly she was important. ANYWHO.. So Samson finds ‘the one’ and tells his parents to get her for him. (that’s the way it worked in the old days). He went back to Timnah and a lion attacked him so he killed it. Then Samson goes to talk to ‘the one’.  He went back to get her and took a detour to see his lion friend. Some bees had made honey in it and he grabbed some and started eating it.His parents go to make arrangements and Samson goes to make a feast so she will marry him. But before she said yes (hah!, like she had a choice..) her town was wary and sent 30 people ‘men’ to go chat with Samson. While they were talking Samson they made a wager of sorts. If they could figure out Samson’s Riddle then he would give them clothes and vise versa. The Riddle was this:

From the eater came something to eat, From the strong came something sweet.

For 3 days the men could not figure it out so they talked to ‘the one’. They got her to convince Samson to tell her the answer (by horrible nagging for 7 days straight) and then she would tell the men. Because even the strongest man in the WORLD cannot put up with nagging, he gave in, telling ‘the one’ the answer. ‘The one’ told her people and they told Samson. He grew quite upset and killed them all… with a donkey’s bone. *Lesson; don’t get on Samson’s bad side.


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