No Longer Blind.

Recently my eyes have been opened. I would like to say that this problem is something that I have never heard of, but I would be lying. Problem.. Seems like such a simple word for what really is an epidemic. A travesty. A monumental breakdown. A cataclysmic disruption. It’s so easy to write it off as if it means nothing. ‘SLAVERY‘ Its a word we have all heard.

Growing up in school I can remember hearing about the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and thinking ‘If I lived back then, I would have
done something to help the slaves. I would have stood up and fought for them. I would have been brave and befriended them when no one else would. I would have made a difference. I would have…ect’. When did that change? I can remember making plans of what I would have done. I was determined that I would have had a house in the underground rail road. I distinctly remember thinking, if there was a chance that slavery was still happening, then I would prove myself. But the thing is..

slavery still exists.

Even if we don’t want to admit it,

or notice it,

or call it what it is.

And I am a part of the problem.

Over 27 MILLION people are still enslaved. 27 million!!!! That is more than all of the african slaves combined over all those years. Its huge, and hidden, but not extinct. How have we let this happen!? We, who thought we conquered slavery and we upstanding citizens of the land. We have just hidden it, and not even that well. If you open your eyes you can see it every where. That banana you just bought came from a banana farm in Brazil and they have slaves working for them. It’s so simple, and we over look it. I was talking to a friend of mine and I was telling her how much of my stuff came from slaves. Even the clothes that I wear. I made the decision that I would buy clothes that are made by only free people and she was shocked. She told me that if I did that, I wouldn’t have any clothes.

When did that become acceptable!? We put our “fashionable needs” before people!? I would honestly rather go around in a potato sack that has been made by a free person, then wear anything that has been created by the abuse of human beings. God created PEOPLE, and we need to save them! Slavery exists. At this very moment, while I am writing these words, a woman in India is being raped and molested, for the 3rd time today. How can we sit by and let this happen?! How can we, who know what a better life is let this continue? I will no longer be blind to the problems of this world. I am going to stand up. I am going to fight. I am going to be brave for them and befriend them. I WILL make a difference. Will you?

Here are some places that help aid different movements to end slavery:

Women who have been saved. 

Products made by FREED people. 

See how many slaves you have. 


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