An Excuse to Dance.

I don’t know about you, but I love to dance. I am absolutely horrible at it, but it doesn’t lessen the joy at all. That is.. until a partner is introduced. Almost as soon as I place myself in a fox trot position, I know there will be trouble. And it is never because I don’t know what to do. If you asked me to be the man, I could lead someone around the room like a pro. But when I am asked to step aside, and let someone else take the lead I find myself fumbling over myself.

ImageI still remember when I first decided to start Swing Dancing. We all learned the right way to step. We practiced with each other and worked our way around a circle making certain that we were doing the steps properly. It seemed easy enough, six steps. I had it. Right until the music came on. I have never felt more like a bumbling idiot in my whole life. Every part of my composure that I worked so hard to keep left suddenly. I was left to the hands of the guys who wanted to dance. Whether or not they kept with the rules that I had just worked so hard to learn. The worst part was, (and still is) I am not a follower. I have tried, but in a moment when someone is not taking the lead in a perceivable way, I take charge. How Proverbs 31 of me, right? But in ‘real life’ it is not as noticeable. However, since dancing is one of the lasting things where a woman’s and a man’s roles are not questioned, it becomes dicey.

After a while, I started to get it. I was able to dance with the guys who asked, because I had practiced their dance. I was invited to dance with them and when they stepped backwards, they pulled me along with them so I didn’t have to guess their motives. I knew where to go because I felt them pulling me. It is one of the most exciting experiences I have been able to partake in. There is something right about a man who knows how to lead a girl around the dance floor. It is a godly trait for a man to lead a woman, as it is a godly trait for a woman to trust a man enough to lead her. And when it works, it is beautiful. You can just watch the dancers who are following the God-given instinct to trust each other. Its captivating, and you feel compelled to join in.

It is quite embarrassing to admit, but yesterday God joined me in conversation and showed me how His relationship with us is like a beautiful dance. He sees us sitting alone and invites us on a dance floor. At the beginning it is awkward and feels wrong. We are trying to lead when God is also trying to lead. We jerk back from Him and try to make Him follow where we think the dance should go. But it’s not right. And in the middle of dancing we know that. So we try to let Him lead. Still its weird at the start because we do not know Him enough to understand the moves He is making. But the more you know your dance partner, the more you can anticipate their movements. There may always be an unexpected turn, but that is what makes the dance exciting.


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