Getting to know Me.

My name is Tarä and I am the daughter of an Irishmen and an Ohioan. Their love story doesn’t even start to fit into a post, but just know its fantastic. But I can tell you that I grew up on barney and Irish bar songs.

I grew up in a small town or a big city, depending on the day. I couldn’t wait to leave, and now every once in a while I miss it. I grew up in church and was convinced that if Jesus was perfect I could be to. I have learned that is not the case, but for years I practiced perfection like it was my job.

Today the best thing about me is that Jesus loves me through it. So this blog is not posted on often, but when it is I hope that its honest.

Its nothing but a passionate pursue of the life that God has called me to and a rough go at it. I pretend to be an open book, but really its more like the first 5 chapters are completely open and God is working on me with the rest of the book.

I’ve basically said nothing of substance about who I am outside of God, but really.. that part of me doesn’t matter as much.

My name is the name of a Hill in Ireland where it is said that the Kings of old would meet on to discuss peace treaties and see who would be the next King. So, I hope to live my life as peaceful as that hill. Where honest discussions and disputes are free to have their moment, but when you leave, you are leaving with peace in your heart. If thats what you can get out of my blog then God is using it! If not, then its me and feel completely free to dismiss it.


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